Alan Abel is a legendary percussionist and educator. His years as Associate Principal Percussionist of the Philadelphia Orchestra were a glorious era for orchestral percussion, as Alan created a sound concept and playing style that were distinctly his own. Over the last 50 years, he has produced a staggeringly large number of professional percussionists through his teaching and guidance. According to a study done by Mr. Chris Deviney, 28% of percussionists or timpanists in major American orchestras who are listed in the ICSOM (International Conference of Symphony and Opera Musicians) have either studied with Alan Abel or with someone who studied with Alan Abel. Some notable students include Chris Deviney, Angie Zator Nelson, Don Liuzzi (Philadelphia Orchestra), Greg Zuber (Metropolitan Opera), Tom Sherwood (Cleveland Orchestra), Vadim Karpinos, James Ross (Chicago Symphony), Will Hudgins (Boston Symphony), Shannon Wood (St. Louis Symphony), Brian Jones (Dallas Symphony), Trey Wyatt (San Francisco Symphony), Ted Atkatz (former principal of Chicago Symphony), Matt Strauss (Houston Symphony), Scott Verduin (Seoul Philharmonic), Michael Culligan (Cincinnati Symphony), and the list goes on.

And yet there has been no record of Alan's remarkable legacy.

The film we are making is a labor of love, a film that we hope will document the exceptional contribution to the art of percussion and all of the participants' love of music. This film is being independently funded, with contributions made through Ted Atkatz Percussion Seminar, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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