Announcing "On Time: Alan Abel's Story"

In November 2016, Ted and Hojoon set out to make a tribute documentary film about Alan Abel, the legendary percussionist and educator. After raising some initial funds, they started production in April in Philadelphia, New York, and Miami. They have interviewed former and current Abel students, other world-renowned percussionists, and key personnel of leading orchestral organizations. The cast includes Chris Deviney (Principal Percussionist of the Philadelphia Orchestra), Don Liuzzi (Principal Timpanist of the Philadelphia Orchestra), Greg Zuber (Principal Percussionist of the MET Orchestra), and Alan Abel himself.

We are currently in production and we'll be traveling to interview Vadim Karpinos and James Ross of the Chicago Symphony, Will Hudgins of the Boston Symphony, Tom Sherwood of the Cleveland Orchestra, and John Soroka of the Pittsburgh Symphony.

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